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Purchases & Refunds

Ensure that you have the correct payment details. If you are not sure, it is important you contact the finance office immediately at
Your payment instruction will usually be provided in your admission pack or you will be sent a direct notice from the finance office with how to pay your fees.

Tuition fees will be refunded in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Withdrawal:  This is defined as the student who gives official notification of his/her intention of withdrawing from SMR after a semester and lectures have been attended.  See the schedule and provisions set forth below.
  • Dropping courses is defined as a reduction in course load while remaining enrolled with TSMR.
  • Some fees are not refundable and they include items like: Application fee, matriculation and new student programme fees.

NOTE: If a student leaves TSMR without official notification (dropout), these procedures will not apply. In other words, dropouts are not entitled to refunds. 

Cancellation prior to the first day of semester/Lectures100%
Withdrawal/drop prior to the end of the first week 75%
Withdrawal/drop prior to the end of the second week55%
Withdrawal prior to the end of third week 30%
Withdrawal prior to the end of fourth week 25%
Withdrawal prior to the end of the fifth week 20%
Withdrawal prior to the end of the eighth week 15%
Withdrawal after the eighth week 0%

TSMR and Courses Related

While you do not need accreditation to study your preferred programme TSMR understands the concerns for this. This is why we work with global accredited higher education institutions to give you the best of quality higher education.

All lessons are provided online. There is a dedicated learning platform where lecturers are provided at scheduled times. All lessons will be available for a few days so learners can revisit them when they wish to.

Yes, every professor has an access contact and can be reached by any student. Your professor will agree with you on how and when to contact.

The aim of this programme is to find a novel way of recognizing the work of executives in public and private sectors. The structure of the programme is hybrid rather than academic. Guided by experienced academic advisors, candidate’s will be required to focus on their area of expertise and experience and how it can be used to shape national development i.e. making a contribution to professional knowledge.

Both programmes confer “Dr” on participants who successfully complete the programme. However, the professional doctorate does not aim at academic carrier which will require intensive research and extended period of study.

This will depend on the candidate. The Professional Doctorate can take between 2 – 3 years to complete.

The programme is designed for executives. However, those at the fringes of executive position with more than three years working experience can also apply. Those without a Masters degree must have 5years or more working experience.

The programme is English-based and therefore requires candidates to be fluent in writing, reading and spoken English (Level 5 IELT/ TEFL)

Currently, we do not have public funding for the Professional Doctorate programme. We suggest candidates must have sufficient yearly funding for their programme. The finance office will advice admitted candidates in their conditional

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Admissions to the programme are on rolling basis. As soon as we receive your application with all the necessary documentations and evidence, an admission committee will consider them and advice the candidate accordingly.   

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