“Transforming Research teaching, learning and practice for nation building”

The School of Management & Research (TSMR) is a Distance/Online learning postgraduate school. It prides itself on its commitment to excellence; this commitment reflects TSMR’s mission of offering high quality programmes for its students, and cutting-edge research that informs policy and practice. TSMR is also committed to forming partnerships with a variety of educational, service, and business entities in order to advance research and innovative practices across a broad spectrum of professions and community organisations.

TSMR is unique in its combination of academic and professional programs that prepare individuals for a wide range of roles in industry. TSMR not only prepares highly qualified students but also professionals in exciting and high-need areas for management. We encourage you to explore our programmes to discover what we have on offer.

Our programmes are guided TSMR’s conceptual framework, which describes the development of students as Inquirer-Professionals. Inquirer-Professionals positively impact the learning experiences of students through their understanding and application of professional knowledge, instructional processes, educational contexts, student learning, interpersonal skills, and professional relationships. We believe that Inquirer-Professionals are highly prepared to meet the exciting demands of today’s teaching & learning in addition to our high quality academic programmes. TSMR also strives to engage students, alumni, and the community in a variety of activities.

We hope that you enjoy your study at TSMR. We look forward to the opportunity to share with you our commitment to excellence.

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